CDR Sample on Electrical Engineer

CDR Sample on Electrical Engineer

CDR Report For Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineering is considered as the primitive field of engineering that includes study and applications of electromagnetism and electric power. Electrical engineering represents a considerable part of physics that has experienced growth by the late 19th century. This significant technical field encompasses various electrical sub-topics that include control system, power, electronics, microprocessors, signal processing, circuit theory etc. The undergraduate programs in electrical engineering offered by reputed universities focus to provide basic mathematical and scientific knowledge; equip students with the required skills to flourish in the field of electrical engineering.

Qualification To Apply For Electrical Engineers–233311

ANZSCO 233311 is the code offered to electrical engineers who are applying to Engineers Australia (EA). Electrical engineers from overseas with a desire to flourish their career in Australia have to undergo a CDR assessment by EA to get selected in the ANZSCO 233311 employment code. This is a migration skills assessment undertaken by EA to accommodate students from overseas in the engineering profession in Australia.

Moreover, to apply for the post of Electrical Engineers-233311, students have to fulfill obligatory qualification requirements as specified in the Handbook of Engineers Australia Migration Skills. They are:

  • Complete 12 years of schooling or equivalent
  • Four years of Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering
  • In addition to the formal qualification, considerable practical experience in the electrical field
  • Candidate should have competent cut-off score in Inte
    ational English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Minimum score of 6.0 should be acquired in four modules of English Language test that include English writing, reading, fluency to speak and listening abilities
  • The test sheet must not be 2 years older from the date of application reception

The Task Of Electrical Engineers – ANZSCO 233311 In EA

Electrical engineers in Australia have to perform the following tasks in their occupational field.

  • Design and plan the manufacturing of electrical machines and equipments
  • Administer the application of power equipments in substations and power stations
  • Determine the arrangements of transformers, electrical circuits, circuit breakers, transmission lines etc.
  • Generate electrical motors, motor equipments and appliances
  • Perform the task to interpret drawings, specifications, regulations of power equipments, standards and usage of equipments
  • Responsible to schedule installation and delivery of electrical machines, switch gears, transmission cables and auxiliary fittings
  • Administer the operations and maintenance of power plants, distribution and transmission units, power and substations etc.
  • Conduct research in the field of power generation, power distribution and transmission systems, electrical motors, generators and transformers, switch gear, control system etc.

Sample CDR For Electrical Engineers

Here is a sample of CDR provided below to help the students prepare their own CDR and career episode reports.

1.1 Introduction

Chronology: (All dates and duration of the career episodes)

Geographical Location: (Location where the experience has been gained)

Organization: (Name of the company/companies where you have been a part of the projects)

Designation: (The Title or Project Designation offered at different career episodes)

1.2 Background

1.2.1) I have worked as a power system maintenance engineer for an extended period of 23rd August, 2006 to 6thMay 2012. I was dealing with all major projects related to power systems allocated to me. I was responsible to administer and testing operations and maintenance of electrical machines, switch gears, transmission cables and auxiliary fittings before it was delivered to client sites.

1.2.2) I implemented all my skills and knowledge that I gained during my graduation in electrical engineering. I was elated to improvise my technical skills in testing the electrical machines and equipments. I dedicated all effort to maintain the power system equipments with adequate research work in the specified field. I processed the malfunctioning equipments with concepts of circuit theory. I was accompanied with great team members who had huge contribution in my success as a maintenance engineer.

1.2.3) I had been assigned to handle and solve the frequent breakdown in the power system equipments that were ready to be delivered to client sites. I was extremely determined to achieve my task with constant monitoring and evaluation processes. It was a challenging task for me whose accomplishment gave me recognition and promotion in my company.

1.3 Career Episodes

First career Episode: I was selected as a project engineer in the application of power system with UHDE Power Supplies. The project period extended from 18th October, 2007 till 25th February, 2009. The working period was split in two distinct places: First ten months in Saudi Arabia, next six months in Emirates.

Second Career Episode: Worked as a power system supervisor in SAFCO project. Duration was from 15th April, 2009 to July 2009. This period was again spent in Jubail city of Saudi Arabia.

Third Career Episode: I was nominated as the process engineer in Ammonia plant. My responsibility was to prepare ‘sustainability load test’ for the world’s largest ammonia power plant. The duration of this project extended from 22nd November, 2009 till 9th July, 2011, in Dormant, Germany.

1.4 Summary Statement

On evaluating the above three career episodes I would summarize my experience as testing the electrical parameters, contesting data collected from the field and control room, laboratory analysis of ampere per KWH generated through the electrical equipments. I was a responsible decision-maker to enhance the operations systems and design plants as per the specifications. I was the sole investigator to find out the cause and effect of frequent shut-downs and inevitable trips. Being a part of the engineering team responsible for making final reports, I took appropriate measures to prevent any future hazards.

1.5 Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Objective: I am eagerly seeking for a position to utilize my technical skills and commercial experience in the field of Electrical Engineering. I would prefer to flourish career in an innovative industry environment with the possibility of career development.

Education: (This include University degree, Overall grade, Position, Achievements, Project grade, Educational training to boost your career)

Experience: (This include Current Employment status, previous employment details, Projects that you have been worked for)

Why Students Find It Difficult To Prepare Electrical Engineers CDR Reports?

Students fail to comply with the academic qualifications and career episodes as per direction specified in Migration Skills Assessment Handbook of Engineers Australia. Majority of overseas lea
ers are unaware of the ideal requirements in preparing an absolute CDR that would acknowledge their integrity. It has been observed that students with adequate academic qualifications and skills for migration are tu
ed down by the Engineers Australia (EA) due to inefficient presentation of CDR. However, the prospect of electrical engineers is more complex when it comes to migration skills assessment. Students fall short while explaining their technical skills or how efficient they were in contesting plant field parameters with that of the control room parameters, their efficacy in designing electrical circuits, evaluating inspections and root cause for machine breakdown and switch gear trips.

Career episodes reports (CERs) are considered to be the chief determinant of your eligibility and experience suitable for the applied engineer’s position in Australia. However, students lack the potential to present their career episodes in a detailed and proficient manner. Based on the presentation of your CER, Engineers Australia grant you the position of engineer technologists, engineer manager or associate. Hence, it is evident that students who are not confident with their CDR writing capabilities should consult with the professional writing team.

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