Chicago Referencing

Chicago Referencing

An Ultimate Guide To Chicago Referencing Style

Ask any student about citing in Chicago style referencing, and they would tell how daunting and overwhelming the process could be. One is required to put substantial efforts to present a well-cited assignment. It is no less daunting than writing the assignment itself. The problem arises when you have a vague or no idea about the significant guidelines of the Chicago referencing style.

If you are one of those students who often search for outstanding Chicago referencing guide, then this blog will surely aid you. If you want to cite your paper just like any Chicago citation generator, then this blog will provide you with helpful insights.

Let’s look at the intricacies of Chicago referencing.

Chicago Referencing Style: A General Overview

The Chicago Manual of Style, also known as CMOS or CMS, or sometimes as Chicago, is a style guide for American English. It was published in 1906 by the University of Chicago Press. The Chicago citation style is used for citing resources in subjects like humanities, natural science and social science.

According to Chicago citation makers, the Chicago Manual of Style presents two basic documentation systems. This includes the humanities style (notes and bibliography) and the author-date system. Choosing among the two of them depends greatly on the subject matter and nature of the resources cited.

How To Cite A Book In Chicago Reference Style

To cite a book in Chicago referencing style just like the eminent Chicago style citation websites, you can follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

To cite a book as per the guidelines of Chicago referencing style remarkably, implement the following format:

Format: Last, First Name. Book. City: Publisher, Year Published.

Example: Richardson, John. The Magnificent, Rome: Serenity Publishers, 2011

How To Cite A Book Chapter In Chicago Reference Style

To cite a book chapter in Chicago Reference Style, follow the essential guidelines:

Format: Last, First Name. “Section Title.” In Book/ Anthology, edited by First M. Last, Page(s). Edition ed. City: Publisher, Year Published.

Example: Richardson, John. “A Trip to the Haunted House”. In A Heap of Earth Ruins, 10-22. Chicago: Wisconsin, 1941.

How To Cite An Edited Book In Chicago Reference Style

To cite an edited book in Chicago Reference Style, follow the template given below:

Format: Author surname, Author Forename, ed. Title. City: Publisher, Year Published.

Example: Mayer, Susan, ed. Drama and Ritual. 1st ed. New York: Routledge, 1987.

How To Cite An E-Book In Chicago Reference Style

Numerous students seek the assistance of Chicago reference generators as they often become baffled when it comes to citing an e-book.

To cite an e-book in Chicago format, follow the below format:

Format: Last, First Name. Book. City: Publisher, Year Published.

Example: Yang, Christina. The Modern Medicine. Italy: Serenity Publishers, 1945.

How To Cite A Website In Chicago Style

To cite a website as per the guidelines of the Chicago Manual style guide, follow the format given below.

Format: Last Name, First Name. “Article Title.” Website Title. Month Date, Year of Publication/ Updated Month Date, Year OR Accessed Month Date, Year of access. URL.

Example: Richardson, Harry. “Heck, Yes! The First Free Message Plan is Here.” Gizmodo. November 20,1886.

How To Cite A Blog In Chicago Reference Style

Let’s look at the guidelines to cite a blog in Chicago reference style:

Format: Last, First Name. “Blog Post Title.” Website Name (blog). Date posted. Accessed Month day, year.

Example: Mark Henery ” Lamarck vs. darwin theory of evolution “, Lamarck vs. darwin theory of evolution, 18 May, available at

How To Cite A Court Case In Chicago Reference Style

To cite a court case in Chicago Referencing style accurately, follow the below-mentioned format:

Format: Title, Document title/ Name of the Pages used (Location Year Published).

Example: CHAMBERLAIN v. THE KING (No.3) (1986), 1789564 Criminal Law- Evidence- Supreme Court (Australia Supreme Court 1986)

How To Cite A Newspaper In Chicago Reference Style

To cite a newspaper in the Chicago Reference style, follow the accurate format given below:

Format: Last Name, First Name. “Article Title.” Newspaper Title, Month Date, Year of publication.

Example:Chang, Lee. “In the Ocean of Mississippi.” The Pittsburgh Press, March 10,1992.

How To Cite Conference Proceedings In Chicago Reference Style

To cite conference proceedings in Chicago reference style, follow the given structure:

Format: Author Surname, Author First name. ‘Title’. In Publication Title, Pages Used. City:Publisher, Year Published. http://Website URL.

Example:Cheung, Christina. In ASMBR Quarterly Meeting, 2010.

How To Cite A Government Publication In Chicago Reference Style

While citing a government publication in Chicago style, it is essential to note that there may be two types of referencing: Full note and Bibliography. To understand how to cite each of them, have a look at the guidelines mentioned below:

Full Note:

Format: Name of the Government Body/ Division, Publication Title, (Place of Publication: Publisher, Year), URL

Example: U.S Department of State, International Relations of the United States: Diplomatic Papers, 1942(Washington,DC:GPO,1970),452.


Format: Name of Government Body/division. Publication Title. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year.URL

Example: U.S. Department of State. International Relations of the United States: Diplomatic Papers,1970.Washington,DC:GPO,1995.

How To Cite A Magazine In Chicago Reference Style

To cite a magazine in the Chicago referencing style, you can follow the format given below:

Format: Last Name, First name. “Article Title.” Magazine Title, Month Date, Year of publication.

Example: Yang, Christina. “In the eerie ruins of the Earth.”The American Press, March 3, 1942.

How To Cite An Online Journal Or E-Journal In Chicago Reference Style

To cite an online journal in Chicago style, follow the format given below:

Format: Last Name, First Name. “Article Title.” Journal Title volume number, issue number(year of publication). Page-page. Doi:xxxx OR URL.

Example: Yang, Christina-Fen Grace, Richard S.Hoffman, and Susan Mayer. “Is Facebook ruining the new generation? A case study of the increased Facebook Use. TechTrends 64, no.3 (2013). 29-42.

How To Cite A Dissertation In Chicago Referencing Style

To cite a dissertation remarkably execute the following steps:

Format: Last, First Name (Date Published). “Title” master’s thesis or PhD diss., University, Year Published, Database (Identification Number).

Example: Kimberly Ashton, “Internet Epidemics: Viral Structures in Internet Media”. PhD diss. University of New York, 2008, MLA International Bibliography (8876534)

Summing It Up

Citing references accurately is crucial to compose a remarkable assignment. To most students, it may seem like a tough nut to crack. However, it is not as challenging as you imagine it to be. Understand the guidelines, comprehend the format, memorise them and follow the rules to compose an exceptional assignment. Make citing as easy as blinking the eye for you to fetch excellent grades this semester.

Amazing Software For Chicago Reference Style

Sometimes formatting can become quite daunting and somewhat tricky. It requires a student to invest considerable time and massive patience. Therefore, students desperately seek help from Chicago referencing websites.

If you are looking for a user-friendly and prompt Chicago citation generator, you can use the Chicago referencing Generator tool by Our online referencing tool has been updated according to the recent guidelines. It is designed to help students cite all types of academic papers accurately.

For example, if you want to cite a blog, you need to enter details like last name, and the first name of the author, article title, blog name, date of publication, and Web/URL address. Click the “Generate Blog Reference” given below to get the reference in the blink of an eye. Use our online citation generator today to eliminate all traces of plagiarism from your assignment.

Chicago Citation Style 17th Ed – Here is the Bibliography Examples

  • Book with the author Hawkins, Thomas. War and Peace: A Critical Study. Brisbane, Australia: BluePress, 1999.
  • Electronic Book Williams, Andrew. Evaluating the History of Economics Sydney: Geoffrey and Jonathan, 2001.
  • Journal Article (Print) Martin, Sarah. “The Evolution of Motion Picture” Art and Cinema 67, no. 5 (2005): 48-58.
  • Newspapers Lee, Suki. “Racial Discrimination as a Social Evil.”  The Times (Adelaide, AU), Jan 16, 2001.

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What Students Often Ask Us

1.What Is The Chicago Referencing Style?

The Chicago referencing style is one of the most widely used referencing styles that is mostly used for academic writing in the areas of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. The guidelines for this form of referencing are mentioned in the Chicago Manual of Style, which was first published in 1906 by the University of Chicago Press. This style guide is followed widely in the United States.

2.How Do You Perform In-Text Citation In Chicago Style?

While referring to a source of information within the text of a document, a writer needs to give a short citation next to the information. In Chicago style, the citation includes the name of the author(s) and the date of publication. The citations are enveloped in round brackets (or first brackets).

Interestingly, the citation includes only the surname of the author, which is followed by the year of publication. If the source provides with details such as page number, chapter number, section or paragraph number, the writer needs to add that in the in-text citation as well.

Example: A citation for a book should appear in the text as following:

There are many reasons for intestinal scarring (Ogilvie 1998, 26-28)

Note: While referring to the work of multiple authors, use the citation as (Kurtines and Szapocnik, 2003).

3.How Do You Cite An Introduction To A Book In Chicago Style?

If you need to cite the introduction of a book, you should cite “introduction to” before the title of the book. If the introduction or foreword is written by a different author, you should put the author’s name first, and then cite the main author’s name after the book’s title, preceded by the word “by”. The information is then followed by the place of publication, publisher, year of publication and page number.

Example: In bibliography: Frederic G. Reamer, foreword to Social Justice and Social Work, edited by Michael J. Austin (Los Angeles: Sage, 2014), xiv.

In text: Reamer, foreword to Social Justice, xiv.

4.How Do You Cite A Conference Presentation In Chicago Style?

To cite a conference presentation in Chicago style, you need to use the following template: Author, Title in inverted commas, Details of conference (in brackets), the URL

Example: Aurelia Armstrong, “Foucault and the Question of Autonomy” (paper presented at the Australian Society for Continental Philosophy Conference, The University of Queensland, St Lucia, 20 November 2003),

5.How Can You Use MS Word For Preparing A Document In Chicago Style?

It is easy to add a citation after a quote using MS Word. You will find the Citations and Bibliography section on the References Tab in Word. Click on the drop down option next to “Style.” Now, choose Chicago style for citation and source.

When you want to cite a source, click at the end of the sentence or phrase you want to cite, and select “Insert Citation” and then select “Add New Source.” When the “Create Source” box opens, you should fill in the necessary details and click “OK”. Next time you need to cite the same source, just use the “insert citation” option under the References Tab.

6.How Do You Cite An Article In Chicago Style?

The basic entry of a journal article usually complies with the following template: Author’s name (surname first, followed by the first name). “Article Title.” Journal Name Volume Number (Year Published): Page Numbers

Example: Smith, John. “Studies in pop rocks and Coke.” Weird Science 12 (2009): 78-93.

7.How Do You Cite A Report In Chicago Style?

To cite a report in Chicago style, you need to adhere to the following template: Author Surname, Author First Name. Title. Series Number. City: Publisher, Year of publication. Website URL.

Example: Gorbunova, Yulia. Laws of Attrition: Crackdown on Russia’s Civil Society After Putin’s Return to the Presidency. NewYork: Human Rights Watch, 2012. Accessed February 11, 2013.

In case of in-text citation, place the citation right after the quote or reference in the text, using the following template:

Author surname, Title.

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