Dissertation Consulting

Dissertation Consulting

Why Is Dissertation Writing Important?

A dissertation is a sort of research project that the students of UK are required to submit on a particular chosen topic at the end of their academic year. The dissertation is the only single most important assignment that serves as the key indicator of the real capabilities of the student. Dissertation consulting or Dissertation help therefore, becomes crucial for the students of UK as it helps them to write a perfect dissertation. xedustore.com serves the best dissertation consultation to the students so that they can significantly impress their professors and attain high marks at the end of their academic year. By availing our dissertation consulting service the students get a clear idea how to write a dissertation as dissertation writing has a definite style and a format to follow. Our dissertation consulting service enables the students to write the dissertation in the appropriate format on their chosen topic or the topic selected by their professors.

The Following Is The Basic Structure We Elaborate In Our Dissertation Consultation Service

• Title page

The title page introduces the reader with the research done in the dissertation by the student. There is a typical way to present the title page as it needs to be precise, succinct and partly descriptive that would give a clear Dissertation presentation of the research done by the student.

• Abstract

This is a short introduction to the research and the most important element of the thesis. This requires a great deal of care while writing as it is summary of research done by the student and also includes the reason why the student has opted to do a dissertation on that particular topic and what were the ways or methods undertaken by him to complete such dissertation and the possible implication and result of the dissertation. The abstract is considered the part of the thesis as well as potential independent document. Although the abstract is written at the very beginning of the dissertation, it is written after the student has completed the thesis, as the student will require full knowledge on the Dissertation topic to write it. It is at the same time a challenging work, as the students need to fit the abstract within the word limit.

• Acknowledgements

This field gives an opportunity to the students to acknowledge the areas of help or to mention what has particularly proved to be helpful while doing the dissertation. The reader can assess the different kinds of assistance that have been adopted by the researcher and have been appreciated.

 Table of contents

This gives an overview of the structure of the dissertation. Any imbalances in the structure of the dissertation become apparent when the reader takes a glance at the table content of the dissertation. This provides an opportunity to decide whether any further amalgamation of the sections and the subsections of the dissertation is required or not.

• Introduction

The Dissertation introduction is the part where the researcher is required to introduce the topic of his research to the reader. It has two primary roles to perform. Firstly, it expands the material that has been already summarized in the abstract and secondly, it signposts the content of the entire dissertation.

• Literature review

In this part, the researcher needs to show how the piece of research fits into the entire context of the research. The researcher needs to explain the existing state of research in the defined field. The researchers need to refer to other closely connected fields in the research. The researcher needs to identify the gap, argue why further research is required in that identified field, and finally, describe the plan how to attend that particular gap in the research. A literature review can be written in

• Research context

• Theoretical context

• Practice context

• Methodological context

• Political context

• Practice context


Under this section, the researcher is required to write how the researcher has concluded the research. The researcher is required to state precisely the equipment, materials used and the processes undertaken by him while completing the dissertation.

• Results and Findings

There are different styles of present the findings in a dissertation. A scientific dissertation must show a clear distinction between the results and the discussion of those results. On the other hand, a dissertation on social sciences must demonstrate overall findings that would bind the results and their discussions together.


Under the section, the researcher needs to review his own research elaborately. The researcher needs to refer the literature review and his own research. He also needs to discuss the limitation in his own research and the utilization and the implication of his findings.


This section includes a summary of the total research done by the researcher. The researcher needs to include all the main points in the conclusion.

• References

The researcher needs to reference this research adequately. There are different referencing styles. The students are generally provided with the required referencing style by their professors. Usually, we use Harvard referencing style while doing the dissertation.


Finally, appendices form the last part of the dissertation. They may or may not be included in the word count. Appendices are also referenced suitably. They are added at the last because although the researcher feels the required information needs to be included in the research, however if it is included in the main text it would occupy a lot of space that might risk the flow of the research.

All these requirements are specifically met by our experts while rendering dissertation consultation.

Why Is Dissertation Consulting Important?

The students are recommended to consult the experts before working on their dissertation assignments as they might face a number of challenges while working on it. Dissertation consultations enable the students to overcome these challenges and prepare the ever-best dissertation. The students might face complications to comprehend and summarize the abstract within the given word limit at last. Our dissertation consultants will solve this hurdle and guide the students how to write an ideal abstract on the chosen topic. Writing an introduction is also not an easy job. The students might not be able to introduce his research systematically. Seeking dissertation consultation service will enable them to introduce their topic in the right sense. Later, it is difficult to select the best order for the sections, as a rationale choice of the research may be complicated, as several inter-linked reasons are required to analyze the need for that particular research. This process is also time-consuming. Availing dissertation consulting helps the students to develop a logical and relevant structure of the dissertation. The literature review must always reflect the discussion section. The style of presentation is another challenge. It has to determine whether the presentation will begin with an overview of the results which will be followed by the details of the result or ascertain the order in which the detailed results will be presented. The balance of the word space across the results must also be ascertained.

The students can simply overcome this stress by relying on our dissertation consultation service. Often students are unaware of the different styles of referencing. Referencing plays is an integral part of the dissertation as the dissertations has to appropriately and authentically referenced in the text and a reference list has to be provided at the end of the dissertation. Our dissertation consultation experts are proficient with all styles of referencing. The choice of appendices is another challenge as students often fail to decide what to include in the main text and what to include in the appendices. The dissertation consultation services guide the students about the contents of the main text and appendices accordingly. Thus, for any challenges faced by the students of UK while writing a dissertation, they can consult our experts for Dissertation writing guide at xedustore.com to avail the finest dissertation consultation to prepare an amazing dissertation and get an A+ in their grades.

Why Is xedustore.Com The Preeminent Dissertation Consultation Provider?

The experts of xedustore.com are exceptionally qualified and experienced and are capable of delivering the best dissertation consultation to the students of UK. Dissertation consultation service is one of our dedicated wings of service where we focus on providing the best dissertation to the students. The experts undergo both primary and secondary researches while effecting the professional dissertation consultation. We always assign the subject oriented dissertation to the experts of that of the particular subject only as we are aware of the different research methodology requirements in the dissertation. Our experts undergo the typical methodologies and give the best ideas to the students both on qualitative and quantitative aspect of their dissertation. They follow the typical structure of the dissertation and makes sure that the topic of dissertation is in-depth researched and adequately referenced. We have already assisted 1000+ students in their dissertation that have given us stupendous feedbacks, and they have succeeded to score high grades in their semester by avail our dissertation consultation service. Every entire dissertation delivered to the students is of 100% original content without any trace of plagiarism.

The quality of our dissertation consultation is just impeccable where we serve students starting from K-12 to Ph.D. level. We guarantee that students will never go unsatisfied after availing our dissertation consultation service. We provide dissertation consultation on varied subjects such as finance, mass communication, nursing, management, economics, engineering, economics, business studies, political science, marketing, and others. Thus, we cover all the subjects under the sky. Therefore, students pursuing any subject require dissertation consultation can freely approach us at any time of the day.

Why Students Need Dissertation Consultation Service?

Dissertation plays a significant role in the academic curriculum of the students of UK. Students may not be aware of the proper format of dissertation writing. They might feel unconfident to write a perfect dissertation as dissertation has a typical structure and Dissertation layout to follow. The dissertation is an art of writing where even the top rankers would need help to present a professional dissertation to retain their best scores. The students initially need to mark the maximum and minimum word limit of the dissertation and whether or not the word limit includes the table of content, the abstract, the reference list and the appendices. Secondly, they need to mark the expected chapters to be included in the dissertation and the kind of requirements that are necessary to be included in the dissertation. Next, they need to focus on the content that appropriates to the place in the appendices rather than being a part of the main content of the dissertation. Henceforth, the students will have to start working on their chosen topic of dissertation according to the marking scheme provided by their respective professors.

Thereby, the students seeking our dissertation consultation service can easy out from the stress to deliver the perfect dissertation meeting all its requirements as our experts will take care of each and every requirement of the dissertation while working on it. Our experts are enormously experienced in this field, as they had acquired years of experience by rendering the students of UK dissertation consultation service. The tips and assistances provided by our highly qualified experts assist the students in improving their quality of work and giving a clear conception of the topic that would help them to attain excellent grades and stand out from other students in their assignments by easily catching the pair of eyes of their professors.

The Reasons That Make Us The Finest Online Assignment Helpers

The unique features of xedustore.com that makes it the best assignment providers in the global market are as follows-

Three easy steps to get your assignments done

• Online Assignment Writing Service

We assist the stressed students with nearing deadlines. We provide complete solutions to the assignments prior to their deadline of excellent quality, which is capable of securing top grades for the students. We offer assignment writing service starting from the pre-college level to Ph.D. level. The standard of solutions is flawless as our highly qualified and experienced tutors prepare them.

• Writing help in all formats

The purpose of giving assignments by the professors is to test the ability and the efficiency of the students. As a result, they try to explore the capabilities of the students by giving them assignments in different forms and formats such as essay, dissertation, thesis, report or presentation. The students need not have to stress themselves on these issues as our experts are well versed with every possible forms and format of the assignments. We provide customized Dissertation service to the students according to their desire.

• 3000+ Ph.D. Experts

Our writing service team is equipped with highly qualified experts. We make sure of the three qualities of the experts before making them a part of the team. The three qualities are boundless knowledge, highly experienced and incomparable creativity. We have experts on distinct subjects of distinguished universities of Australia, UK, and the USA.

 100+ Subjects

We provide assignment service help in numerous different subjects. We provide assignment writing help for all probable subjects that are included in the curriculum of Australia, USA, and UK both at the graduation and the post graduation level. We have provided assignments for professional subjects too such as engineering, law, computer sciences, etc.

• Quick Delivery

We always deliver the solutions of the assignments prior to the deadline so as to facilitate the students to proofread them and resend us the solutions if any further modification or addition is required in the solution. We are extremely dedicated towards the well-being of the students. Thereby, we pay special attention to the deadline of the assignments so that the students need to have to face any deduction of marks in the form of penalty owing to the missed deadline.

• Around the clock live help

Our customer care service is alert around the clock so that the students can reach us with their queries at any time of the day. They can contact us freely via emails, phone calls or live chat. Our customer care service officials are always present at the other end to assist the students.

• Zero Plagiarism Solutions

We value the significance of originality in the solutions. The professors specifically demand plagiarism free work to ensure the hard work and the creativity of the solutions prepared by the students. The students can completely rely on us n this aspect as we always provide zero plagiarism work. The assignments written by our experienced and qualified experts are completely unique and strictly follow the plagiarism policies.

• Proper Use of English Language

Our experts are highly qualified in the English language. The language used by them in the assignments are kept simple and legible as they aim not only to secure grand grades for the students but also bestow a clear idea on the concept of the assignment so that they can have an apparent idea and acquire knowledge from the solution of the assignment. The solutions provided are also free from any grammatical error. The solutions are thoroughly checked before they are delivered to the students.

• Guaranteed Lowest Rate

Our lowest price policy is just unbeatable. We provide the best assignment at the lowest rate. No other online companies can beat our price. We never compromise the quality of the work at any instance of the rate payable by the students.

• Premium Level of Solutions

The solutions provided by our experts are of premium quality. Each and every assignment is thoroughly researched and are made sure that they have practical existence by our experts. We have included the Ph.D. experts in our team to ensure that the quality of the work is highly standardized and proofread.

 Free Modification Service

If the students feel that, certain requirements have not been included in the solution or certain modifications and additions need to be done, they can freely approach us without any hesitation to make their solutions modified or altered. We do not charge any dollar for any sort of reworks.

• Secured payment options

We have highly experienced and qualified technicians who handle the payment systems. They make sure that the payments made fully secured and free from any fraud of scam. All the payments are made through bank transfer and PayPal, which are entirely secured options.

• Free Phone Calls

We are aware that the students manage hard to save money to get assignment help, and thereby we aim to contribute to their savings by not making extra and unnecessary expenses for the students. Thus, we provide free calls via our toll-free numbers and get their solutions done or resolve their query.

• Free SMS Update

We keep providing updates on the progress of the solution to the students via SMS. This feature enables the student free from any panic about their assignments.

• Safe Payment Options

We provide different payment options which are equally secured. There is no question of cyber-hacking. The students can feel confident while placing the order. If any misfortunes happen, our company will be totally responsible for it, and we guarantee 100% money return policy.

 Turnitin Report on Demand

We also serve the Turnitin report to the students as a proof of our originality of the solution. However, it is made only on special demand by our students. The students are required to pay a nominal extra charge of $2 for the Turnitin report of the solutions.

There are certain new additional features of xedustore.com. The students can avail these services only by paying a nominal additional charge. These services are categorized as our Premium Services. Our team experts treat the assignments under this service with exceptional supervision and utmost care. The premium services can be grouped be as follows-

• 5 Stars Writers

The writers of this category are the eminent professionals of their area. They are highly qualified and experienced. They are the writers who have scored the maximum number of 5 stars. They are generally reserved for high priority tasks.

• Free Turnitin Report

The Turnitin report of the solution is served free if the students opt for our premium service. The students can also serve the plagiarism free dissertation report to their professors as a proof of their originality, which would in return help them to secure excellent marks.

• Free Grammarly Report

The students are additionally provided with the Grammarly report to ensure that there has been the correct use of grammar in the solution. The students need not have to worry about any sort of grammatical mistake or the proper use of English language in the solution. They can feel confident about the language used in the assignment.

 Personal Feedback by the Quality Manager

Our quality management team calls the students personally to get any feedback from the students. Any rework is done absolutely free until the students are thoroughly satisfied with the assignment. Any rework is done within 12 hours of from the time of notification. The modification and the alteration are done after proper consultation with the students.

• Quality Report

The students seeking the premium services are benefited by providing with quality assurance report.  The quality assurance report shows that the requirements in the assignments are adequately met in the solutions and the writer also explains that how the required fields have been fulfilled in the assignments.

• Superfast Delivery

The assignments are done rapidly and are delivered within an hour for 250 words.  Under no circumstances, the deadlines are missed by our experts.

• Request for New Writers

If the students are not satisfied with the quality of the assignments or the style in which the assignment is done, the students can request for a new writer to do the same assignments for them. In other cases, the students are not allowed to make a request for the change of writer.

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