Dissertation Experts

Dissertation Experts

Dissertation writing is the most challenging piece of writing in a student’s academic career. This is probably because it is an indication of the culmination of an academic course. The task of writing dissertations is also daunting for a student because it requires deep understanding of the topic without which the dissertation can turn out to be quite a dull one. These dissertations are also published for the public to read so it scares off the students even more. However, the students now have an opportunity to relax since our professional dissertation editors are here to solve every dissertation related query. The students can rely upon them as trustable mentors whose only aim is to help the students write a brilliant piece of research, flawless in all aspects.

What Is A Dissertation?

The primary goal behind writing a dissertation is to formulate an original piece of research, based on a clear, pre-determined topic. It requires extensive planning and research and collecting necessary data in a short time-frame. Writing a dissertation calls for discipline and diligence on the part of the student given the complex and time-consuming nature of the task.

Why Is Dissertation Writing Important For Students?

  • Writing a dissertation helps the student realize his field of interest. Choosing a topic will require the student to think extensively about the things he likes, things he dislikes, and things, which he wants to know more about. It is a mental exercise for the students and a path to self- realization.
  • Writing dissertations is more about contributing to knowledge than testing a student’s knowledge. A student builds his knowledge by critically analyzing the work of previous scholars, what did they achieve through the research, what were the drawbacks, and the probable potentials in the research.
  • The dissertation provides a sense of satisfaction for the students. It gives the students spaces to explore, find out new things about his field of interest. It is a worthwhile task even if it can get complicated at times.
  • A good dissertation can land a student in a fulfilling, well-paid job. If written impeccably, the employer will notice the student’s efforts and offer him a job according to his field of specialization.

Why Do We Provide Dissertation Help To Students?

  • Selecting an uncovered topic is a difficult thing to do

We might think that it is easy for us to come up with an “original idea”. However, the real picture is not as rosy as it seems. The students need to make a list of the probable topics of their interest, which has ample material available in the books, journals, newspapers, magazines, and the internet.

  • Dissertation writing is a complex task

Writing a dissertation is not as easy as writing a report or an essay. It is a complicated task, which requires attention on the part of the students. One needs to be through with the subject in order to write pages on it. The student should be aware of history as well as current trends related to the topic of his dissertation so that the final work is free from any lapses. Our dissertation experts will ease out all your complexities related to the dissertation.

  • Dissertation writing is time-consuming

Writing a dissertation paper takes a lot of time. Selecting an appropriate topic, looking for materials through sources, both direct and indirect, reading and collecting the literature review, devising the correct methodologies for the research, and then making recommendations is a time-consuming task. It takes weeks to months to write a decent dissertation paper.

  • Dissertation needs proofreading

Considering the length and complicacy of a dissertation, the student is more likely to miss his own mistakes. It is impossible not to commit mistakes when it is such a humanly thing to do. There can be grammatical errors, spelling errors, etc. Our dissertation experts can rectify this easily.

  • Writing is difficult

Unfortunately, there are no literary oils in the market, which will lubricate your writing. Good writing skills can only be achieved when the student is clear enough what he wants to convey to the readers. If the readers do not get the message clearly, there is no point getting into the tedious business of conducting a research.

  • Dissertations require analytical thinking

Dissertations involve a lot of research data and other related materials. The students need to critically think and analyze the data so that they can come up with appropriate recommendations. The students face a lot of difficulty in interpreting the data correctly. Hence, dissertation experts can help the students whenever they are stuck while carrying out the task of dissertation writing.

Tips To Write A Great Piece Of Dissertation

  • Structure the dissertation properly

The structure of the dissertation should be proper and it should have a proper flow within it. It must lead from one concept to the other for the ease of the readers. If the structure is not concrete and well planned, the readers might not find it enticing to read at all.

  • Remember that you are writing your dissertation for the audience

The student must keep in mind that the readers will be going through your piece of research. The tone should be clear and the language should be simple, for the convenience of the readers. The students should also limit the use of jargons as much as they can because they can be confusing for the readers. The aim is to convey the message of the dissertation to the audience as coherently as possible.

  • Good writing skills

The student should never underestimate the power of good writing skills. A well-structured sentence, with proper use of punctuation marks, is bound to leave a good impression on the reader. Correct use of grammar and accurate spellings can create wonders for your overall presentation of the dissertation.

  • Critical Thinking

This is the most important virtue while writing dissertations. The student should be able to evaluate the data critically that he presents in the dissertation. The student must clearly present the reasons behind his conclusions in the end. The student should not forget to mention the limitations of his own argument and evidence leading to his conclusion. Students often find themselves in a complicated maze while evaluating the data critically. However, they can always rely on our dissertation experts.

Structure Of A Dissertation

  • Research Proposal

The proposal can either be a part of the dissertation that a students submits to the professor in advance or as a separate work. It usually depends on the university if it wants the student to submit a research proposal or not, but it is a good thing to do either way because the student gets to plan his dissertation before he starts writing it.

  • Introduction

The introduction of a dissertation contains the essential research question and the goals of the research. An introduction provides the reader with the rationale behind the research, what message is the student trying to convey through his research and why is it so important to conduct such a research. It should also indicate how the dissertation is going to help with the theoretical comprehensibility of the topic.

  • Literature review

A literature review is the reflection of the student’s knowledge regarding the topic of the dissertation. A good literature review convinces the readers that the writer is aware of all the intricacies related to the topic, including the limitations. The students, in the literature review of the section of the dissertation must mention about the writings of the scholars, which he has read related to the topic of the dissertation. The students should remember that the literature review should not be merely descriptive, but should also be critical in tone, making arguments in favor or against the already published materials.

  • Methodology

This is a major component of a dissertation and should not be confused with the term methods. It describes the major philosophical foundation based on which the student selects the methodologies for his dissertation. They can be either qualitative or quantitative, or even a mixture of both. The student must also mention the rationale behind his selecting the methodologies. Our dissertation experts will help the students devise the most appropriate research methodologies for the dissertation.

Basic Research Methodologies Used In A Dissertation

  • Interviews:

In simple terms, an interview is a conversation between the researcher and a person from whom the student wishes to learn something new. It is the most flexible and popular method for gaining qualitative information about people’s views, experiences, and feelings.

  • Observations:

They can come either under quantitative or qualitative research work. It is an effective way to learn what the people react under certain circumstances. It is a straightforward method of getting the information related to your research by simply watching the people behave under a particular situation.

  • Questionnaires:

If the dissertation requires the student to collect comparable data from a number of people, then there is no better method than making questionnaires. The can be used for collecting both qualitative as well as quantitative data. Making questionnaires require a great deal of attention and care on the part of the students, but well-designed questionnaires have the capability to make the entire process of writing dissertation a smooth one.

  • Documentary analysis:

A documentary analysis embodies collecting data from the already existing documents, without having to question people personally through interviews. In a typical sense, the documentary analysis consists of government policies, newspaper articles leaflets of meetings, etc. Contemporarily, the items such as songs, films, photographs, and websites are also components of documentary analysis. The student will not have to worry about the documentary analysis, since the dissertation experts will be there at their service at the blink of an eye.

  • Results and discussions:

Writing this section of the dissertation is both interesting and a challenging task for the students. The results should mention about the statistics along with the significance of the data collected. The student should interpret the quality as well as reliability of the results and should indicate how the data has contributed towards the research.

  • Conclusion: This is the final body of the dissertation

A student is supposed to mention about the results of the data collected, as well as the significance of the research. The student can also recommend the scope of further research in the topic. This section finally rounds off the entire dissertation in a brief manner.

  • References:

The reference section of the dissertation is very crucial in terms of authenticity of the work. The students cite the works of the previous scholars, whose ideas have been borrowed for the current research. This also gives the students an opportunity to give credit to the people, whose works have inspired the student to go on with the dissertation.

Take Your Dissertation A Notch Above The Rest With xedustore.Com’s Dissertation Experts

  • Custom-made dissertations

Our experienced dissertation editors pay extra attention to the specific needs and requirements of the students pertaining to their dissertation. The experts make sure that the dissertations are unique, and worthy enough to meet the standards of the college/ University. The experts will provide the students with a dissertation which will stand out among the other entire dissertations that your peers submit.

  • Round the clock availability (24*7 services)

The dissertation experts are available at the student’s service at any hour of the day or night. The student does not have to hesitate before placing a query in front of the experts even if it is four am in the morning. There can be times when the student, stumbles upon a critical concept, which needs understanding, while carrying out the dissertation writing task.

  • Timely delivery of dissertations

A student cannot complete a dissertation in a day. It takes at least a few weeks or a couple of months to accomplish a decent dissertation. However, if the students are running out of time and they have nowhere to look for help, our dissertation experts can help them complete the task in the shortest span of time. We try our best to deliver the dissertation to the students two weeks prior to the deadline so that they have ample time to review it.

  • Our dissertation experts are allergic to plagiarism

We consider plagiarism as the biggest disciplinary crime. If the students have turned to dissertation experts for help, they can be rest assured that there will be no place for plagiarism in their dissertation. We are aware of our responsibility as mentors and we take every appropriate measure to live up to our standards. The students can even demand Plagiarism checker reports in exchange of a certain amount of charge.

  • Directly communicate with the dissertation experts

As soon as the student gives us the order, we immediately put him in touch with the most appropriate dissertation experts that have an extraordinary knowledge about the subject. The students can be in touch with the experts directly, and notify them about the specifications of the dissertation. They can also make queries to them any time they want and we promise the experts will get back to them at the earliest with the best solution.

  • Unlimited number of revisions

Our dissertation experts do not hesitate from bringing modifications to the dissertation, as many times as the student wants. This way the student will be able to achieve perfection. There is always a possibility for the experts to miss a certain parameter of the dissertation, which is a perfectly human thing to do. The students have the privilege to send their work for revision until they are satisfied with it.

  • Mid-review policy

In order to avoid the hassle of last minute reworks, we at xedustore.com have come up with an innovative policy of sending partial solutions to the students so that they can review them. They can either send the work for revision or show us the green signal to continue with it.

  • Easy payment

We at xedustore.com spare the students all the troubles of the lengthy payment procedure. They can easily pay from their debit or credit cards, or even through PayPal. We guarantee the students secured payment through these devices.

  • Proofreading

A dissertation is the lengthiest assignment allotted to the students. It is very natural for them to miss out their own mistakes. They always need a mentor who would carefully go through the dissertation and make the required modifications in respect of correct spelling, grammar and references. If you want somebody to proofread your piece of research, dissertation expert is what you need.

  • Accurate Referencing

References are indicative of the legitimacy of the dissertation. The give the readers an idea of the sources, that have been referred by the students. It is an efficient way of giving credit to the authors whose work has influenced the student. We use the most trusted citation systems like Oscola, MLAAPAHarvardChicago and Vancouver.

My Dissertation Expert

If you have dark circles under your eyes, you do not need an under eye cream, you need dissertation help experts. Now you do not have to pull out all nighters haplessly trying to complete your dissertation on time. The team of experts at xedustore.com has been there in the profession of providing dissertation proposal writing services for students since a decade now. There is nothing miraculous about us. We simply assign the most appropriate writer for the dissertation, as soon as the student contacts us for help, and you already know the rest of the story.

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