History Assignment Help

History Assignment Help

Remember your school history teacher’s boring rambling about the War of American Independence? That must have scarred you for your life and kept you away from an otherwise interesting subject. xedustore.com’s history promises to bring back the lost fun in the subject. We provide you with 100 percent original, plagiarism-free and affordable history assignment help that will not only help you to achieve good grades but also restore your lost interest. Here is a brief look at our history assignment writing services.

History And Historiography

The word history comes from the Greek word historia which means inquiry or knowledge acquired by investigation. It is basically a study of human past and encompasses a wide range of subjects: events, personalities, general people, societies, economies, cultural practices and even their sexual habits! For the best history assignment help, trust our history assignment writing services.

Historiography is a bit of a different concept. Historiography, in a way, is the ‘history of history writing’. It refers to the disciplinary study of history writing: how history has been understood by different schools of historian. Needless to say, there are several schools of history writing and different schools use different methodologies producing quite a variegated version of our past. Here is a list of different schools of history writing that you need to know about for your history essays.

Schools Of History Writing

  • Greek historical writing: Herodotus and Thucydides are credited as the fathers of history writing. They saw history as product of the choices that human beings make rather than that of divine providence. Thucydides wrote his famous book, ‘History of the Peloponnesian War’ which exemplified his historiographical approach in clear terms. For the best history assignment help on Greek history writing, trust our history assignment writing service.
  • Christian school of history writing: Primarily associated with Saint Augustine, this school was influential in medieval times. It interpreted history as the unfolding of divine will. For the best history assignment help on Christian school of history writing, avail our history assignment writing service.
  • Enlightenment school of history writing: It was in the 17th and 18th centuries that history writing finally recuperated from its overtly religious bias and imbibed a scientific and rational outlook, keeping in tune with the spirit of Enlightenment. Inspired by the philosophical writings of Hegel, this school emphasized the rational element in interpreting historical events, followed a linear approach towards history writing and performed a scientific analysis of sources. Leopold Von Ranke was one of the most influential historians of this school and he had a significant impact on the writing of history for the next generations of historians. For the best history assignment help on the Enlightenment school of history writing, always depend on our history assignment writing service.
  • Annales School of history: Another significant school that is important for history assignment help is the Annales School of history. This school popularized social history and had a significant impact on the 20th century history writing. It dominated the French historiographical scenario in the 20th century and underwent several successive generational shifts —
  1. Prominent founders in the 1st generation were Lucien Febvre and March Bloch.
  2. This was followed by the 2nd generation of historians such as Fernand Braudel and Georges Duby. These historians emphasized the importance of mentalities in the shaping of history i.e. how human attitudes, points of view and thought processes have influenced history.
  3. The 3rd generation of historians such as Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie and Philip Aries too emphasized writing history from the point of view of history.
  4. Finally, with the so called ‘cultural turn’ in history writing, the 4th generation of historians such as Roger Chartier tried to write histories of cultural practices. History assignment help on Annales School is made easy by our history assignment writer.
  • British Marxist social history: British Marxist social historians such as Eric Hobsbawm, E.P.Thompson and Christopher Hill offered a materialist interpretation of history by using Marxist methodologies. They saw history as a struggle between classes where one class tried to dominate the other class. For more on history assignment help, log on to xedustore.com.
  • Post-Modernist conception of history: In the post World War years, another distinct category of history writing emerged. Although they did not form a formal school of history, the historians were all inspired by a critique of modernity. They criticized the universal notion of truth, emphasized the importance of fragmented understanding of the past and nullified the possibility of objective history. French philosopher Michel Foucault’s classic works on histories of madness, crime and sexuality are examples of this kind of history writing. Our history assignment expertsgive you the best history assignment help on your post-modernist history essays.
  • There is now a plethora of other schools as well: Feminist history which seeks to unearth the hidden histories of women and queer people and subaltern history which seeks to bring back into focus the histories of subaltern groups of people such as peasants, tribal, workers etc. Get history essay help on these schools only from our history assignment writing services.

Areas Of History

A historian need not concentrate on all areas of history in a single work. As such specializations have taken place just as in any other field of study. For complete history assignment help by the best group of history assignment writers, log on to our site.

  • Political history: This longstanding favorite area is now somewhat redundant. It harps on political events, wars, political successions, struggles, kings, queens etc. For more political history assignment help, contact us.
  • Social history: It gained prominence with the Annales School and the British Marxist School of historians. It emphasized the importance of social habits, practices, customs etc. It seeks to answer as to how common people (and not kings and queens) tried to cope up with historical changes and led to impactful changes themselves. For more social history assignment help, depend on us.
  • Military history: Different from political histories, military histories study wars, military strategies, changes in military technology etc. For more military history assignment help, do seek our assistance.
  • Economic history: Combines perspectives from economics and statistics in order to understand how changes in production forces led to macro-level social changes. For more economic history assignment help, contact our experts.
  • Cultural history: The new fad in history writing, it became popular after the cultural turn in the second half of the last century. It follows a multi-disciplinary approach and shows how cultural experiences shape human histories, how different cultures interpret historical experiences differently and how myths and memories rather than formal history writing shape our understanding of the cultural past. For more cultural history assignment help, trust us.

Stages Of History

For a long time, history was divided neatly into three mutually exclusive time periods namely ancient history, medieval history and modern history. Typically a unilinear narrative was formed and history was seen as a gradual progression of positive forces. The ancient period was seen as a golden age which progressive and liberal ideas flourished followed by a period of gloom and despair in the so-called ‘dark medieval ages’. The age of Enlightenment once again brought back a period of progress. Our history assignment writers and history assignment experts are ready to give you history assignment help on all the stages of history.


This neat unilinear narrative which is full of value-judgments about past societies is now challenged by historians. This is called the historicist notion of history. In contrast, the new generation of historians criticizes the progressive notion of history and gives greater emphasis of cultural specificity, relativism and fragmentary nature of historical truth. The new historicist movement in history writing is very close to the post modernist understanding of history. For a critical assessment of earlier mode of history writing get our history assignment help.

Regions of history

Although various interesting historical accounts have been produced, it should be noted that modern history writing has an overwhelming Euro-American bias. Most of the famous historians are all Europeans and as such they have majorly concentrated on the history of Europe. Not just that, they automatically assumed that the broad socio-economic changes that have happened in Europe must also repeat in the same way in different parts of the world. For complete history assignment help on all the regions of history, only trust our history assignment writing services.

Post-colonial histories

In contrast, post-colonial histories criticize this ‘euro-centricism’ of history writing and try to shift the historical attention to the colonies of Europe in order to rectify this euro-centric bias of history. A number of interesting works have been produced on the different colonies of Europe. Some of the major areas of specialization are:

  • South Asian history which focuses on colonial experience of British rule in India
  • Latin American history which focuses on the experience of Latin American countries after the Spanish and Portuguese conquests
  • And finally African history which shows the development of the continent as a patch work of nation-states after the colonial experience.

Apart from these, the regular histories harp on the regions of:

  • Western Europe
  • North America
  • England

For more history assignment help on all these areas, log on to xedustore.com

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