How To Write A College Paper

How To Write A College Paper

The purpose of writing college research paper is to develop an in-depth knowledge on a particular topic by gathering sources of information that may include facts, statistics, historical writing etc. This article is divided into two parts. The first section covers the steps on how to write a college paper; the second part deals with how to recognize the fine line between plagiarism and citation. We also give you a perfect solution if you don’t want to experience the stress of finding how to write a college paper and instead become capable of creating an ideal college paper yourself.

How To Write A College Paper?

If you wish to know how to write a college paper, you will definitely want to consult these steps described below. The steps explain how to write a college paper including how to find and document resources, how to prepare an outline plan and how to present your papers.

Steps To Write An Ideal College Research Paper

#Step 1 Developing research question
Choose a question that is neither too board nor too narrow. For example, if you select juvenile delinquency, your research question can be:

  • What is the juvenile delinquency rate inUS?
  • What can be done to reduce juvenile delinquency inUS?

#Step 2 Creating thesis statement
Create a thesis by defining and ordering your categories of information. For instance, here is a thesis that defines the reasons for the views.
Competency-based management is logical, practical and accessible to managers and workers.

#Step 3 Gathering information
The primary sources for locating information are:

  • The library
  • Other computer sources (CDROM etc.)
  • The Internet

#Step 4 Evaluating the sources
While reviewing your sources, you need to ask yourself:

  • How well does the source answer your research question?
  • Do the sources validate your opinion?
  • Is there a variety of sources?

#Step 5 Taking notes
Make sure you write down all appropriate information like author name, book title, name of publisher, place of publication, volume, span of pages, date etc.

#Step 6 Building the first draft
To create strong first draft, you need to follow a logical progression:

  • Explanation
  • Development Options
  • Linking Paragraphs
  • Introduction
  • Conclusions

#Step 7 Revising the draft
Writing is only half the job done. You task will not be concluded until you edit and proofread your documents. Take another look at your ideas, proofread to polish the content by excluding grammatical and syntax errors, spelling mistakes etc.

This is how to write a college paper, but you still have to know how to cite your resources in order to avoid plagiarism.

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How To Avoid Plagiarism: Citing Sources Effectively

While receiving instructions about how to write a college paper, you examiner definitely warns you about plagiarism. It is against academic rules. Plagiarism mainly occurs when you borrow passages from books, articles or web sites without identifying them. The purpose of writing a paper is to project your own authentic ideas nor create patchwork of other’s ideas and work. You need to remember that citing other’s ideas does not lessen your credibility and adds to your credibility. You may have innumerable question in your mind about citations, so here are few common questions and their answers,

Should I Give All My Sources In The Bibliography?

No, give your references as soon as you mention them, don’t wait until the end of the paragraph or end of the paper. First name the author (X argues that or X claims that) following by their comment.

If I Paraphrase One’s Ideas, Do I Still Need To Cite The Author Name From Whom I Borrowed The Work?

Unfortunately, yes, you do. In an academic paper, you need to keep mentioning pages, authors and dates to show your ideas are related to those of experts. When you quote a passage directly in quotation marks, paraphrase it in your words closely or summarize it.

I Did Not Know Anything About The Subject Until I Started The Paper. Do I Have To Give Reference For Every Point I Make?

It is always wise to over-reference than to skip. However, you can skip by recognizing that some ideas are ‘common knowledge’ in the field. Facts that you can easily find in references books like Armistice of World 1 or the current population of Canada and some interpretive ideas may be so well accepted that they may require no acknowledgment.

So What Exactly Do I Have To Document?

With the experience in reading academic prose, you will soon understand what to and what not to cite in your field or refer to sources. Here are the main occurrences when you should cite your sources:

  • Quotations, paraphrases and summarizes:

For example, As Morris explains it in The Human Zoo (1983), ‘We can always be sure that today’s daring innovation will be tomorrow’s respectability.’ (p.189) (APA system)

  • Specific facts used to back the evidence for your argument:
    For example: In 1914, September, more than 1300 skirmishes were seen on the Western Front. (Traditional endnote/footnote system)
  • Distinctive and Authorities ideas, no matter whether you agreeto them or not:

For example, One writer (Von Dankien, 1970) even argues that the Great Pyramid was built for the practical purpose of guiding navigation.

These are only few examples of references that should be cited in your research paper. But you need to cover a vast area when you have to decide the appropriate citing. It is advisable that you discuss with your professors or experts who deal with writing papers every day. If you don’t have time for asking, you could ask someone who knows how to write a college paper to write your paper. You can find experts who have proficient idea on how to write a college paper effectively here.

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