Illustration Essay Help

Illustration Essay Help

Illustration essay is where you just need specific examples — facts, anecdotes or other specific information — to illustrate a general idea. Illustration essay is the most straightforward essay form in higher studies. But illustration essay also has some pressure points that legitimately make or break this simplest form of essay. You, however, don’t have to stretch too much to know what makes a good illustration essay. Just read this article carefully and learn how one can place the building blocks of illustration essay writing.

How To Write An Illustration Essay?

1. Structure Of An Illustration Essay

• Title of essay
Title of literature essay should always compliment the topic.
Pro Tip: Do not underline, italicize or bold-face your own title. Yes, you can align it in the middle of the page for better presentation.
• Introduction
State general ideas that you intend to prove through your illustration essay writing.
Pro Tip: In introduction, you should narrow your views to specific details or you can reach broad view from narrow perspective.
• Body Paragraphs
Main body paragraphs should consist of examples or illustrations that support your thesis statement
Pro Tip: Make sure that your examples/illustrations are relevant to your central idea and include particulars.
• Conclusion
Restate the thesis and draw original conclusion in your words. You should involve all your main points in order to prove that your opinions are relevant to this topic.
Pro Tip: Your conclusion should be live so that your readers can connect to your writing and conclusion.

2. Steps To Write An Illustration Essay

Here is the simplest formula to organize your thoughts in illustration essay writing:
• Step 1
Determine the element that you want to illustrate in your illustration essay. Also think about three keywords and phrases that explain your idea. With those keywords, you can create your thesis statement. Check the following examples to understand the correct way to do it:
Incorrect: President Reagan should not be elected for another time.
This thesis would be relevant only when you prove it through reasoning, and not examples.
Correct: President Reagan has made numerous political blunders since elections.
This thesis could be proven easily through examples. Here you need to present the ‘blunders’ President Reagan did in the form of examples.
• Step 2
After dealing with the thesis statement, you need to start your introduction with an opening sentence that describes the central idea of your writing. Write about two-three sentences that give a general overview of the elements that you intend to illustrate. Therefore, include two sentences that tell your readers the reasons why other people may have a different opinion than yours when it comes to this subject.
• Step 3
This is the time to invest in your outline. Make the skeleton out of three keywords that you have mentioned in your thesis. You simply have to develop one paragraph around each keyword and give examples relevant to the point in order to lead to the conclusion. So for your outline in illustration essay, you have to list the prior reasons and examples relevant to the topic.
• Step 4
Write you first draft. Each paragraph of your body paragraph should contain two or three sentences that explain the key reason and how it relates to your conclusion. Then you add three to four sentences describing the relevant and supportive examples.
For example, if you write about ‘The cat in the hat’, in body paragraph you can say that the cat seems focused only on having fun because when it arrives, it does not consider child concerns. Its only aim is to live the fun moments in life regardless of the consequences.
Then you could cite the examples from the book.
• Step 5
Begin writing the conclusion part of your illustration essay. Write two or three sentences that restate your thesis statement (but in other words). Then write two or three sentences that only depict specific examples from your body paragraphs. Finally, write only one or two closing sentences and wrap up the conversation by saying the final words to your readers.

3. Thing To Remember In Illustration Essay Writing

• Examples without relevant points do not help your illustration essay to move forward. So make sure your example has a point; the point you want to make.
• Do not think that too much examples will elevate the quality of your illustration essay. An illustration essay of college level probably needs no less than two or more than four examples to support its thesis statement, unless you are assigned to use only one extended example.
• Beware of lack of transitions between examples. Do not use phrase like, ‘for example.’ If you are using it, use it only once. Search for other alternatives.
Repetition is often considered as the lack of imagination power of the writer.

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Illustration Essay Topics: Suggestions From Experts

Here are few illustration essay topic suggestions for you. With these illustration essay topics, you can generate far more better ideas for your illustration essay writing.
• How to choose a major in your sophomore year?
• The menace of bullying in school and college
• Students should always question what are taught
• Students should spend at least one semester studying in a foreign country
• Good art can be ugly.

Illustration Essay Sample

Title: The Leading Lady

King Arthur established the Knights of the Round Table. Alfred the Great bestowed us a history during the Dark Ages. Richard the Lion-Hearted led the Crusaders. The infamous Henry VIII established a new religion, uniting church and state. Victoria ruled 63 years at the height of British Power. These are the examples of monarchs who have ruled and influenced England for centuries. But none of them was singularly responsible for the country like Queen Elizabeth I.
After climbing the throne, Queen Elizabeth countered many serious problems i.e. France war, a bankrupt treasury, religious turmoil, own safety at stake, an educationally backward population. But she managed to attack problems with grace. For instance, she ended the war with France with harmonious truce that led to addressing the French financial problems greatly. In the next step, she instituted tax and educational reforms. At the end, she re-established the Anglican Church.
This left a positive impact on her people who started to believe her and named her as ‘Good Queen Bess’.
As Queen Elizabeth continued her journey, so did the problems. In 1558, Spain, considered as the most powerful nation in the world, attacked England. But she settled this issue when her handpicked captains destroyed the greatest naval fleet ever assembled. With this victory, she became a living legend. The defeat of the Spanish Army helped England to make prominent impact on world power, and the English period of empire building began.
In coming years, she incorporated some remarkable changes. In peacetime England, Elizabeth nurtured the arts through royal conference. Her part in English Renaissance also has been valued. The period which was named after her (Elizabeth Age) ranks among the greatest creative periods in the history of the world.
The journey from being a child who was declared illegitimate after her mother was beheaded to England’s greatest monarch occupies an important place in England and world history. It is she who is primary responsible for advancing the development of England in the 16th century.

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