Organizational Behavior Case Studies

Organizational Behavior Case Studies

Organizational behavior assignment writing is quite common for general management students in college level. Organizational behavior refers to the study of how people interact in a particular organization. The central idea is to apply a scientific approach towards the study of employee behavior in an organization with the goal of improving the efficiency. brings a complete set of solutions for university assignments on organizational behavior analysis.

How To Use Organizational Behavior Analysis In Organizational Behavior Assignments

Different people interact in different ways in a social group. The scientific study that decodes such behavioral patterns is called organizational behavior. Organizational behavior analysis applies this study to corporate environments in order to understand how employees behave in such environment and what can be done to improve such behavioral patterns in order to improve organizational efficiency.

Organizational Behavior Analysis: A Disciplinary History

Organizational Behavior is a part of industrial and organizational psychology and emerged in the 1940s and 50s. However, it was not until the 1970s that it developed as an independent field of study. The field became increasingly quantitative in the 1960s and 1970s and produced critical ideas such as bounded rationality, informal organization and resource dependence. Some of the important theorists of this field are Herbert Simon, James G. March, Chester Barnard, Henri Fayol and Victor Vroom.

Today organizational behavior analysis is a major sub-field of general management and is taught in almost all the universities and business schools. The field has three levels of study:
1. Micro level (that studies how employees work)
2. Meso level (that studies how work groups function)
3. Macro level (that studies how organizations in general work)

Methodology Of Organizational Behavior Analysis In Organizational Behavior Assignment Writing

Organizational behavior analysis can be done in three ways, or there are three distinct methodological models you use while writing organizational behavior assignments:

1. Quantitative Research

In quantitative analysis statistical methods are used. Some of them are the following:

• ANOVA or analysis of variance is a collection of statistical models used to analyze the differences between the means of various employee groups.
• Correlation or the statistical relation between two set of variables.
• Meta-analysis or the statistical method that combines different statistical data to find patterns.
• Multi-level modeling or statistical models of parameters that vary at more than one level. It is beneficial for research designs where data for participants are organized at various levels.
• Multiple Regression exposes the relationship between dependant variable and explanatory variable.
• Non-parametric statistics or those statistical methods which are not dependant on parameterized families of the probability distribution.
• Structural equation modeling which is an alternative to regression equation approaches.
• Time Series Analysis which is used to predict future values based on previously observed values.

2. Qualitative Research

The following methods are used:

• Ethnography or a systematic study of people and cultures. Ethnographic methods are sometimes used in organizational behavior cases.
• Case studies: Application of theories to specific situations.
• Grounded theory or construction of theories through the analysis of data.
• Interviews or oral question and answer sessions.
• Visual Methods or photo elicitation in which participants are asked to draw pictures.

3. Computer Simulation Method

Use of computer generated images to produce representation of how organizations work.

Topics Covered By Organizational Behavior Analysis

Some of the major areas of analysis for organizational behavior are the following:

• Counterproductive work behavior: Those behavioral patterns, which often harm the company and are counterproductive to the overall function of the organization. Some popular counter-productive behaviors include absenteeism, laziness, bullying and abusing other employees, sexual harassment, theft and sabotage.
• Decision making: A cognitive process which results in the selection of an option among a variety of alternative possibilities.
• Employee treatment: There are several types of employee mistreatment. Some of them are abusive behavior, bullying, sexual harassment, incivility, etc.
• Job-related attitude and emotions: Areas such as job satisfaction, payroll, organizational commitment etc.
• Leadership: Leadership is an important area of study of organizational behavior. Several theories are available: contingency theory, which says that leadership depends on chances, leader-member exchange theory on leadership, which analyzes the relation between individual supervisor and the subordinate and transformational theory of leadership, which shows how leaders can bring about changes in the work environment for the better.
• Managerial functions: Three types of functions are involved at a managerial level. They are interpersonal roles, decisional roles and informational roles.
• Organizational culture: It deals with the core values and missions of the organization. They are artifacts and behavior, espoused values and shared assumptions.

• Motivation: Motivational theories relate to the motivation of the employee towards the organization. Some of the significant theories are equity theory, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Herzberg’s two-factor theory, etc.

Organizational Behavior Analysis Case Studies

Let us now turn our attention to organizational behavior analysis case studies. Case studies based on organizational analysis help students to understand the central values and visions of an organization. Management graduates are taught the various theories pertaining to organizational behavior and are asked to apply them to real life situations while writing organizational behavior assignments/case studies. Some of the important theories are:

• Theories of employee behavior: Theories based on organizational behavior to improve the behavior of employees and streamline them under one roof. The multinational companies can benefit by understanding the behavior of the employees it employs. This can help them in strategically managing the workforce.

• Motivational theories: Motivational strategies are introduced to help improve the quality of work and make the employs efficient. This helps to improve productivity.

• Theories of integration: Integrative model of organizational behavior contributes to understanding and focusing on individual employees within an organization with an aim to integrate them cohesively within it. The large workforce employed should be taken as knowledge resource than mere workers. Employees contribute to this knowledge base and increase efficiency. The primary goal of the organization is profit which is not possible without employment efficiency. The employee as an individual also looks for their growth in terms of knowledge, wealth and position within the company.

• Retention theories: Employee retention is a major challenge for any organization. To address and resolve retention issues, there is a need to study the organizational behavior of that organization more carefully.

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